10 Ways To Reduce Spending Painlessly

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Where Can You Reduce Spending Without Pain? This is the first question that many people ask when they realize they need to get their financial acts together. Just like with dieting, when you drastically alter your lifestyle to reduce spending, the changes will not last. You’ll get tired of having to sacrifice and go back to your previous handling of money.

Here are some of the more popular ways to reduce spending without impacting your daily life too much.

  1. Get rid of the Sirius or XM Radio – Unless you are in an area where there is no radio reception or you’re on the road a lot and make tons of use of it, get rid of the satellite radio. It’s a slow drain on your finances.
  2. Newspaper or Magazine subscriptions – Spending money every week or month for magazines and newspapers you don’t read is a waste of your resources (and the environment’s). You can read most of the local newspapers and magazines online. You can also read them at the local library, often with a much larger selection of reading materials. * Exception – Sunday paper for the coupons 🙂
  3. Cable Package – Remove services you don’t use. Figure out how many hours a month you’re watching the television and divide that by the amount you’re paying for cable per month. Is this really worth it?
  4. Cook Once Eat Twice – Double your recipe once a week to freeze for a quick meal later in the week. This will make it easier to resist the urge to eat out when you’re tired or rushed.
  5. iTunes – Set a budget for music, just like everything else. iTunes can rack up tons of charges without you even realizing it. Don’t mindlessly pay for downloads on impulse.
  6. Movies – Movies are getting more expensive every day. Heading out to a movie occasionally may not break the bank, but if you’re a regular movie buff, you may want to try these alternatives:
    • Check them out at the library
    • Wait for 2nd run at the dollar theater
    • Get a Netflix account instead of buying DVDs
    • On the other hand, if you have Netflix but never use the service (don’t return the movies to get new ones or don’t watch them in a timely manner), cancel it and check out the DVDs for free at the library.
    • Watch free movies On Demand from your cable company.
    • They also have paid movie rentals too, which isn’t as good as free, but is cheaper than driving out to rent one or doing to the movies theater.
  7. Books – I am a book lover! We have a ton of books. Books on shelves, and in boxes, and probably a few tossed on the bedside tables. But, books are expensive, especially new ones. If you’re an avid reader, try these frugal alternatives to buying new books.
    • Check out the library
    • Start a local book swap group with your friends
    • Use Swaptree.com or Paperbackswap.com
    • If you have to buy, go to used book stores, not new
  8. Fast Food – Very few people really enjoy eating fast food instead of home cooked meals. Most of us eat it because it’s fast and easy. Some ways to combat the need to stop for fast food:
    • Finger Food Night
    • Chop up fresh fruit and veggies and combine them with dips.
    • Make Ants on a Log (celery with peanut butter and raisins on top) your kids will love this!
    • Make english muffin pizzas.
    • Breakfast for dinner – No meal is much easier than pancakes and eggs, or sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches. Breakfast for dinner is also fun for the kids.
    • Recipes for quick easy meals – Gather a few recipes for quick and easy meals for those days you’re really not up for being experimental
  9. Cancel Unused Gym Memberships – You know the one. The gym membership you signed up for in January when you were on a resolution health kick. The one you only use once a month when the automatic draft comes out of your account and you remember that you really should get some use out of. That $40 a month membership full of good intentions is draining your wallet of $300 a year! Dump it and go for a walk.
  10. Switch to fee free bank accounts – The $7 for that Bank of America account, and $12 for that money market account are not doing you any favors.

What about you? What are some of the ways you can think of to reduce your spending painlessly?


  • Anonymous says:

    Great ideas….have you thought about phone services? You may be able to get bundle deals from your cable providers that includes local and long distance phone service at really good prices. There are also other IP based providers such as Vonage and Skype that offer phone service at substantially reduced rates.

  • ttelroc says:

    One of the things I did a few months back is that I wrote down everything that was being spent for a month.

    I saved all receipts and tallied up all the monthly expenses and automatic payments.

    I was shocked and amazed at what I was spending on stuff. Having everything written down in one location and being able to cut the fat right there was wonderful. My finances have seen a remarkable improvemnt just because I am aware of the waste.

    You have some excellent ideas in your post – just excellent.

    Have a great day!

  • moneytummy says:

    Great ideas, some you wouldn’t necessarily think of right away!

  • Mrs. Accountability says:

    Great tips! Found you via the 153rd Carnival of Personal Finance. I need to take a look at our satellite television… once upon a time I used to watch Sci-Fi which cost an extra $5/month. That’s an extra $60/year we could save if no one else is watching the channels in that package. Thanks!

  • denise says:

    maybe this will help keep me on track…….

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