14 ideas for repurposing milk jugs

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Over the last year, my family has been making more moves toward “going green” and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the balance between being a packrat and keeping items to reuse. One of the biggest things we’ve been holding onto for future purposes is plastic milk jugs. With our family of 5, we run through about 1.5 gallons of milk a week. That’s a lot of jugs to contend with, and I’ll admit that we haven’t saved them all. But, I’ve gone looking for tips on further uses for milk jugs that you all may find as helpful as I have. Since there is a lot of overlap, I’ve decided to just post the source links at the bottom of the entry. Please head on over and see the rest of the brilliant ideas J


  • Funnel – Cut off the bottom half of the milk jug (under the handle) and remove the lid to create a funnel.
  • Hanging Storage – Cut a large hole in the top front of the jug and use it for storage.
    • Clothes pins
    • Grocery bags
    • Small packets of drink mix, seasonings, mixes, etc that could get lost in your pantry
  • Scoop – Same as the funnel, except leave the lid on. Use it for dog and/or cat food, fertilizer, working in the garden, etc. Kids love these.
  • Drinks – use to make tea, kool-aid, juice concentrates, etc
  • Food Storage – lentils, beans, rice, sesame seeds, white sugar … milk jugs are ideal for storing some dry food staples.


  • Toilet Brush Holder – Cut the top front off an old milk jug (leaving the handle) to store the toilet brush in.
  • Toiletry container – My daughters have about 80 little things of lotion and soap and ponytail holders. Every birthday and holiday brings more. Too many to try to keep in baskets on the counter. They’re great for storing under the sink or in the closet.


  • Paint Pallets – Cut off the bottoms of the container to use as paint pallets during arts & crafts
  • Miscellaneous Small Items – Cut the top front off and use as a container for crayons, pencils, markers, little bits and pieces of craft materials, etc
  • Paint Water – Cut off the top half of the container and put water in for rinsing paint brushes.


  • Seed Planters – I saved milk jugs all winter to start my seeds in this spring. It’s working like a charm! Just cut the top 2/3 of the jug off and use the bottom to start your seeds.
  • Little Greenhouses – Use the top 2/3 of the seed planter jug as a mini-green house cover for your planters.
  • Bird Feeders – There are some pretty detailed instructions out there for using milk jugs as bird feeders and waterers


  • Water jug – Keep water in the trunk of your car for drinking, watering pets on long drives, or even putting in your radiator if it needs water and you’re not near a hose (these things happen)

While some of these were my own ideas, I got most of my inspiration from these other websites J

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