Does couponing have to be SO complicated?

Posted by idawrites on March 25, 2009 in Coupons, Money, Shopping |

When I was 17, my next door neighbor’s mom was the Neighborhood Mom. Everyone I knew then called her Momma Kaye. Their house was the neighborhood watering hole for all us kids. Momma Kaye was a full time college student with no visible means of support, but she always had a fully stocked pantry and […]


Do Not Pass Go – Go see Dough Roller Today!

Posted by idawrites on February 15, 2009 in Link Love, Money |

The Dough Roller has a fabulous list of resources today. I won’t waste your time. Go read the article 70 Government Websites about Money You Should Bookmark NOW! That’s my public service announcement for today. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday morning.


Revisit – The Victim Mentality

Posted by idawrites on February 11, 2009 in Book Review, Finance, Money |

I read an article today at MSN Money that reminded me of an article I wrote last year.  After re-reading it, I felt it was worth a revisit… especially in light of all of the Bail Out talks that have taken the world over. I tried to read Suze Orman’s book The 9 Steps to […]


Where did you learn about money?

Posted by idawrites on January 29, 2009 in education, Finance, Money |

As someone who grew up knowing very little about money, except that we had none, I’ve always wondered where others learned their money habits.  Where did you learn yours?  Were your parents frugal?  Spendthrifts?  Don’t have any idea? My sophomore year in high school, I took an economics class.  I learned (a little) about keeping […]


One Year and a Thousand Miles on The Road Less Traveled

Posted by idawrites on January 20, 2009 in Frugal, Frugal Tips, Goals, Money |

There is a rash of them this week… “1st Blogoversaries” that is. Today is mine. I suspect that getting a grip on finances is a huge New Year’s Resolution that started the personal finance blogs this week last year. That wasn’t the case for me. It was just time. I’m not where I thought I’d […]


Why Comcast is Losing Customers

Posted by idawrites on January 13, 2009 in Business, Money, Rant |

I’ve been a Comcast customer since 2002. Comcast has been in my life longer than my husband and almost as long as my youngest child! On Thursday, I will be ecstatic to be getting them out of my life forever. In 2002, I signed up for Comcast internet and cable. I had no service failures […]


What happens to your relationships when you make major life changes?

Posted by idawrites on January 7, 2009 in Children, Family, Frugal, Money |

Since starting this blog in its initial incarnation “Tales From The Road Less Traveled”, my life has made many major shifts. Our income has dropped by 65%. We’ve started a company… considered folding a company… and got our footing with the company again. Half of our child support obligations ended when Heather turned 18. My paycheck […]


Millionaire Never Earned Over $11 an Hour

Posted by idawrites on December 18, 2008 in Frugal, Interview, Money |

Stories like this one always fill me with mixed emotions.  On the one hand, I wish I had so much discipline.  On the other hand, I am really ok with not living quite such a sedate life. What do you think?  Share your comments below.


We Didn’t Win The Lottery

Posted by idawrites on December 13, 2008 in Discussions, Money, Windfalls |

Yes, I know.. this isn’t much of a surprise. The MegaMillions jackpot was estimated at $207 Million this week. Whenever the jackpot goes above $100 Million, we consider buying a ticket. When it hits over $200 Million, we figure “why not”. So, we took $4 of our “mad money” and bought 4 chances. While we […]


Frugality – Ur Doin It Rite

Posted by idawrites on December 12, 2008 in Family, Finance, Frugal Tips, Money |

When I’m with my family and friends, I talk a lot about coupons, shopping strategies, stuff I get for free or insanely cheap, and money saving tips. It’s a big part of my daily life, so it tends to creep into my conversations. I’ve stopped counting the times someone has been in my house and […]

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