Is it still being cheap if it isn’t about the money?

Posted by idawrites on March 22, 2011 in Children, Frugal |

My husband officially thinks I’ve gone “Too Far” on my quest to save a buck. And really, if it was to save money, I’d have to agree. But this time, my skinflint ways are not about money at all.

Two days ago, Sierra (who is now 15) came to me to tell me that her insole came out of her FAVORITE shoes of all time. When I say favorite shoes, I mean that when she spotted them from three aisles over, she jumped up and down, screamed, ran to them as though they were star crossed lovers sprinting toward one another in a flower filled field, and clutched them to her chest. They were the only pair in the store, and obviously it was meant to be because they were the right size.

Last night I sent her to the store to pick up some new insoles to stick in them so she’d get a little more wear out of them before we had to toss them out. When she got home and tried to put them in, she came to me with her shoulders slumped and said “It doesn’t matter… the shoes are falling apart and I didn’t know they were this bad.” I peeked inside the shoes and, sure enough, she’s worn a few holes in the soles of her shoes. Like, I could look into the shoe and see Mark on the other side.

All in all, this is nothing new to people who have teenaged children. They find a couple of CRUCIAL wardrobe pieces and then wear them until they fall off. That she has worn these shoes into the ground (heh… pun) in a matter of 3 months is also not shocking. From what I hear, her father had to have a new pair of shoes almost every pay period at this age. Darned active hyper genes!

No, the shocking part is what I did next. I grabbed a cardboard box, cut off all the flaps, traced her shoe on each of the pieces of cardboard, and cut out 4 thick layers of cardboard to fit into the bottom of her shoes. Then I cut down the new insoles and slapped those in there too. Mark watched me from the other side of the sofa… blinking at me and saying “you know we can afford to get her another pair of shoes, right?”

Yes, these are the shoes…

Of course I know! But THESE shoes make my baby smile. THESE shoes are not cheap to replace and THESE colors and HER size are difficult to find. I hope the cardboard holds out a few days while Sierra and I try to find a suitable replacement. Wish us luck that we find something she loves just as much.


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