Forget To Do Lists – Start a Got Done List!

Posted by idawrites on February 2, 2010 in Chores, Planning |

Last week, I talked about giving yourself permission to succeed and not being the barrier to your own success.  This is my new promise to myself, and I believe I’m making progress in that arena.

One of the first things I did was log into Google Wave and delete my To Do List. I didn’t need that long, insurmountable list of things I should have been doing. It felt so freeing not to be bound by that intimidating list anymore.

The next thing I did was even more important to me than the first… I started a new list.



  • Subject: Current Date
  • Body: Bullet point Got Done List!

There is something amazing about seeing the list get longer and longer when it represents things being done instead of things you have to do.  It’s energizing and encouraging.  At the end of the day, I move that day’s Got Done List to the “Daily Completed” folder.

For those of you thinking “yeah, but if I don’t have a list of everything I have to do, how am I going to remember it all?  I have a strategy for that too!  If it’s important enough to be on a Must Do list, put it on your calendar.  This way, you still have the visual reminder without the pressure of an arm long list of things to do.

If you know that every Tuesday you have to do a dry cleaning run, don’t put it on the to do list, put it on your calendar.  Grocery shopping on Saturday?  Calendar.  Need to schedule your annual physical?  You guessed it.

Not only does this take away the pressure of the never-ending list, it also gives you a concrete date and time to get it done and keep from procrastinating.  Then you get to add it to the awesomeness that is the Got Done List!

What are your strategies for getting things done without being oppressed by the dark cloud that is the To Do List?


  • Jennifer says:

    After being unemployed for a while, I found myself constantly asking “What did I do all day?”. Even worse were the days when the Man asked “What did you do all day?”. So, I started a “Got Done” list a few weeks ago and it really does help!

    I’m never getting rid of my to do list(s), although I do often put things on my calendar instead of the list.

  • Danielle says:

    This is really positive, I love it! I usually blog about what I’ve done during the day, but a list sounds great too. Thanks again for inspiration!

  • I use a mini composition book to write the things I want to do in. When I have down time, I check to see I can cross off. Sometimes things don’t get done, if it is no longer important to me i cross it off. Sometimes the urgency increase so I get it done.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Krys says:

    This is such a great idea! I really like the concept, and will try it starting today. It seems like such a great way to congratulate yourself on being productive!

    Regarding Google Wave, do you still have invitations available? I’m so curious about it and think it would be a great tool for me. THANKS!

  • Christina says:

    This is something new to me, a different approach. I usually have my to-do list and sometimes I get frustrated when I missed out something. I really should try this one and hopefully will be able to adapt it easily. It has been a routing doing to-do list but this one, I must try. Thanks for this idea.

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