Frugal Women Aren’t Normal

Posted by idawrites on November 3, 2009 in Frugal, Gifts |

That’s right.  I said it.  We’re just plain weird.

Frugal women just don’t view gift giving the same way the rest of the world does… much to the confusion of our men. Don’t get me wrong.  Frugal women enjoy nice things. We like to dress up, look good, and feel appreciated and cared for. We just know that the measure of our love isn’t determined by the cost or sparkle of the gifts that we give and receive.

Frugal people in general have an entirely different set of things they value than “normal” people. For example, I don’t have much use for jewelry… or electronics (laptop exempted!) … or the next greatest pair of shoes or sweater. I’ve always been this way. I think it’s just a built in feature of the Ida operating system. But, as I’ve mentioned in the past, my dearest husband has not always been a frugal person.

In the beginning of our relationship, he bought me gifts that he wanted me to have… gifts that he felt were providing for me in the best way he knew how. They were always beautiful and thoughtful and expensive… and very much not me. Since we’ve made so many changes to live on a budget, and set financial goals, the type of gifts I receive has changed.

Now I get practical gifts. The gifts that are always at the top of the “do not buy this for holidays and birthdays” gifts. For Christmas last year, I got this fantabulous stand mixer… and I was so happy I cried. It’s the only thing I really wanted. I didn’t ask for it, because Mark had been out of work for a while and funds were super short. But he made it happen anyway.

I’ve used this mixer a minimum of twice a week since I opened it on Christmas morning. The best part about it isn’t that it was an expensive kitchen gadget (and compared to most kitchen gadgetry, it was!). It wasn’t that it was shiny and I WANTED IT. The best part was that my husband knew me and my needs so well that he bought me a gift that made my life easier. Not glamorous, I know. But perfect for me in every way.

Today is our anniversary. It won’t be a day filled with expensive romantic dinners and bouquets of flowers and long romantic walks at the beach. Not because we both wouldn’t LOVE to have that. But because we have other plans for our money and other goals we want to reach. My wonderful husband brought me another gift that makes my life easier, and gets me out of the kitchen faster to spend time with my family.

I got my new Kitchenaid (OMG!) food processor on Sunday. Again, I cried. My mother thinks it’s sad that I’m “so easily pleased.” (see… not normal) Last night, I had all the veggies chopped for dinner in 3 minutes flat.  Seriously. 

This morning, I got out of bed and made homemade zucchini hash browns, omelets, and toast before Mark realized I was gone and came looking for me. It’s exciting to me that my abnormal gift enabled me to gift my husband a great anniversary breakfast in the same amount of time it would have taken me to make some scrambled eggs, and I wasn’t even late for work to do it.

I get that this may not mean as much to other people. And not all Frugal Women are going to have the same pleasure from a mixer and a food processor, maybe not even most. But we all have one thing in common. We want things that make our lives easier, that don’t add to the clutter or create just another thing for us to clean up, and that show us that you really do know who we are and what we value. And BONUS if you got it for a great price.

Happy Anniversary honey… and thank you.


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