Hiccups and Money Stress

Posted by idawrites on February 12, 2008 in Budgeting, Money, Planning |

This weekend was a difficult one for me. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the emotional relationship I have with money. I am relieved to have enough money saved that I can replace the tires on my car without worry. If the electric bill is more than expected, there is no financial crisis for us. If we forget to lay out something for dinner and we just decide to jump in the car and go to a restaurant, there is no big dilemma.

However, there really is. Or, there will be. Maybe.

Starting our own business was a great idea! We had enough money in the bank to cover 3 full months worth of expenses while Mark concentrated on contracting work, as well as looking for a “regular job” so that he kept all of his options open. Mark has already completed one contract and we’ve invoiced them.  He started another contract today, for a considerably larger amount. Why am I worried? Am I completely crazy?

Once again… Maybe.

The invoices have been sent out for the completed contract, but nothing has been paid. In 3 days, we will be at the “Net 30 Days” for the 1st invoice and I am nervous that it won’t be paid on time, or at all if the company decides to be difficult. Ok, so even if that invoice doesn’t get paid… Mark is still working on the 2nd contract! No problem! Except… that contract is “Net 45 Days” … so, no paid invoice for 2 months. Ut oh… now we may have a problem. No money from our consulting company for 2 more months is a definite possibility.

Jumping in the car for that “no problems” dinner is suddenly seeming like the beginning of a possible problem.  Mark doesn’t seem worried. I have complete faith in him to provide for our family. I also have a job, but it barely covers the house payment and half of the utilities. So, if nothing else, I know we won’t be homeless or starve. I am just SO emotionally attached to that number in the ING account. It causes me great amounts of distress to see that number going down.

Granted, we planned for this. It’s been budgeted. We’ve looked at everything from every possible angle. We’ve discussed it. We both agreed to this course of action. So, why can’t I get my head wrapped around the depletion of our savings to bring our dreams to fruition? Whew… I hope I work through it soon.


  • FrugalMomLA says:

    My husband and I own our own business and I have to say, it’s a bumpy road. At the beginning, I kept my day job as a teacher and then after two or three years, I started working part-time at the business and part-time elsewhere. Then, I started working almost exclusively at our business–it’s been 12 years now but there are STILL times when I yearn for a steady paycheck. It takes persistence, perseverance, creativity, faith, and a good product or service to keep on going. And, if your business grows, then you have to adapt. But, it gives a lot in return, even if it’s not always financial wealth. We have our freedom and the opportunity to create something. But, our business is challenging. We own a computer and network repair business so it’s like running an ER in a hospital. People usually call when there are problems and last night on Valentine’s was no exception so DH was working on a server down situation until 2 am. (So, we celebrated with a special Valentine’s breakfast this am. See blog.) But, I’m writing to let you know that indeed, especially if you feel that your husband’s business holds promise, it’s probably worth it to follow the dream and subscribe to Entrepreneur or Inc. magazine. Very helpful!

    – Christa aka FrugalMomLA

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