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Posted by idawrites on May 26, 2010 in All Moms, Children, Single Mom |

Just a few minutes ago, I said something to my friend Beth that she probably found NO humor in at all. She was sharing her frustration that her toddler made a mess in the kitchen in the amount of time that it took her to get dressed from her shower. My response?

*snort* SHUT UP! In way too few years you’re going to be sobbing your eyes out because they don’t need you anymore and think back to all of these times as “the good times”… I should know… that’s what I’m doing these days πŸ˜‰

Does that make me an insensitive know-it-all? Probably. Does that take away my smile at the mental image? Not even a little bit.

You see, 10 years ago, I was in her shoes… sort of. I spent 6 months running on no sleep, working 3rd shift as a single mom catching cat naps here and there when I could during the day with a 2, 4, and 7 year old. It seems like I spent that entire 6 months waking up from every single nap with a house completely destroyed in the time it took me to blink. (I’m STILL trying to figure out how they got the box of condoms out of the top of the bedroom closet and spread all over the living room floor in 38 seconds.)

The only reason I can think about that and smile today is, I’m not looking at those days through the eyes of a toddler’s mother anymore. I’m a decade removed from that age… and after dealing with carpets set on fire, first boyfriends, first broken hearts, second broken hearts, sexting, alternative sexual orientation, religious diversity, and unlimited texting (19,000 in one month for one kid???), a destroyed house in 3.2 seconds and sleepless nights seem like a vacation.

Before too long, I’ll be on here venting and lamenting about something my teenager did and I’m going to be stressed out and irritated and exhausted.. and it’s NOT going to be funny at all. And one of you… the ones who are 5 years or a decade beyond this stage will be saying

“SHUT UP! Wait till they’re calling you from county lockup for the DUI they got coming home from the sorority party… or they borrow $4200 from you that they know you don’t have to give them and never pay it back… or they’re telling you they’re dropping out of college 3 credits shy of graduation because they are IN LOVE and can’t wait one more semester to get married because they’re 2 1/2 months pregnant… then come talk to me about sexting.”

and I’ll be saying

“NO, you SHUT UP because that’s where I am RIGHT NOW and right now it’s not funny because right now that’s what the hell is going on.”

And I’ll be right. And you’ll be right.

BIG HUGS Beth, I’m sorry I was a know-it-all at the wrong moment. I’m still smiling though… because you made me think of those ridiculous condoms all over the house the day I closed my eyes, for “just a minute”. I haven’t thought about that one in a while. And don’t worry. This will look SO much better in 10 years. I promise.


  • domesticdiva says:

    I did smile at your comment by the way, well maybe ten minutes later once the monster baby had snuggled up against me, was petting my cheek and telling me she “loves you twoo momma.”

    I keep telling my kids they are lucky they are so cute. I adore having an outlet that I can scream about my children and my friends will smile and nod with that knowing ‘been there done that’ look, pat me on the hand and not call DFACs!

  • Whitney says:

    Speaking as a mom who has been mothering for over 20 years and has a crew of 10 from 5 to 23.. I am still in so many of those stages you speak of. Blessedly the toddler years are behind and we have all of the others that we are in throes of “enjoying”. As time goes on, it does get easier, it does get better and you do come to look at those past days wistfully.
    So enjoy snickering at those who are still dealing with the stages you have passed, and yet offer them the listening ear of comfort they so need… becasue while those days are behind you…. there are still some doozies ahead !!!

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