Of course I’m NOT tipping you!

Posted by idawrites on December 19, 2009 in Rant |

Don’t you just love how even the fast food places have tip jars on the counter now?  Why the fuck would I tip you for putting bread and cheese on a bun and wrapping it up?  Isn’t that why your boss pays you to be there?   And yes, I know working fast food sucks.  It also sucks that your boss only scheduled YOU alone during the 5:00 PM dinner rush.  But guess what… also something you’re paid to do!  It’s Subway, not Top Chef.  You suck it the hell up and get through it.

Do you want to know WHY I’m not tipping you?  Let me just tell you:

  1. You glared at me during my order (even though I’ve worked in food service for years and was nothing but polite to you) and were a cunt to the woman in front of me when she didn’t speak loudly enough to suit you.
  2. You gave me attitude when I actually expected you to *GASP* put some fucking vegetables on the sandwich.  I mean, how the fuck dare I ask for LETTUCE!?  Not even extra lettuce.  Just some.
  3. I thought you were going to pop a vein in your forehead when I asked you for an extra sandwich wrapper so that I didn’t have to be the asshole customer who holds up the line in order to separate half of one sandwich (so my child who stayed after school, in the land of Stripper Shoes Wearing Step Dancers, could have dinner before her show).
  4. Everything you said to me, and every other person waiting in line, was said with such venom and indignation that it was a blessing for you that the sneeze guard was between my fingers and your throat.

So.. HELL NO I’m not tipping you for doing your job badly. Want to make more money? Try being nicer. Try treating your customers with some fucking dignity. Or get an IT degree so you can be a dickhead and people just chalk it up to being in IT. But do NOT treat me and everyone else like we’re dirt on your shoes, and then look meaningfully at the tip jar when you swipe my debit card to pay for the sandwiches (with 4 olives and a half a slice of tomato).

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