Turn Off the News and Fix Your Attitude

Posted by idawrites on February 26, 2009 in economy, Jobs, Rant |

It’s not that hard.  Reach out and turn off the television or the radio, and close your news websites.  I’ve gone into my Feed Reader for the last week and just hit “Mark All as Read” after reading the subject lines of the blog entries.  I’m SO tired of hearing about the “crisis” and the “recession” and all of the other doom and gloom crap out there.

Look… If you’re negatively impacted by the current turn of the economy, you already know that listening to or reading all of the constant babble on the topic isn’t going to help you in the slightest.  Obsessing over the stock market isn’t going to make your portfolio recover any faster.  Hanging all your hopes on Obama “fixing what’s wrong with this country” isn’t going to do it either.

Stressing out over “the bad economy” isn’t going to get you hired someplace any faster if you were laid off.  But do you realize it’s probably going to KEEP you from getting back into the work force?

Employers aren’t interested in the chick that comes in to interview with a chip on her shoulder about getting laid off because of the economic downturn.  They want to hire people with a good attitude, especially in tough times.  The employers who ARE hiring have 100… sometimes 200 applications for every 1 position they have open.  Most of the time, the person who lands the job isn’t the one who has the most experience.. all things equal, it’s the one who comes into the interview with a great attitude, dressed for the job they want, and makes a fabulous impression on the interviewer.

If you are still one of the 93% of the world who still have their job (gosh.. that IS most of us), don’t be the person waiting for the axe to fall.  Make yourself indispensable.  Be the person who doesn’t get caught up in the bitching in the break room.   Trust me, your boss knows exactly who those people are.   Be the person who is always looking for something more they can do to improve the situation and improve the way your employer views you.

Some of us are not working for a company that we like… and we simply tolerate what we have to do every single day (I know I am).   Some of us are stuck doing things we hate, that aren’t in our job descriptions (due to layoffs, short hours, or whatever), and wish for a different situation.  At the end of the day, you do what you have to do to get through.  Only YOU can choose how good or bad it is for you.  Sure, you can be pissed off that things are bad.  You can blame the Bush administration, the banks, Wall Street, people who borrowed too much money, or any of the other hundred thousand things you want to blame for your situation (… if that’s your gig.. check out Suze Orman.. she LOVES you people), or you can put on your big girl panties and make the best of the situation you’re in.

Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of people who are being impacted by this economy, remember… you can not single-handedly fix any of it.  Why let it eat at you and cause you more trouble than it already has?  Turn off the TV, the radio, and/or the computer and go for a walk.  Play ball with your kids.  Shoot stuff in a video game.  But don’t twist yourself into knots over things you can’t change.  There’s this quote you may have heard…  “something something something… grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change… something something something…”


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