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Posted by idawrites on August 8, 2008 in Frugal |

There is something wrong with starting out as two and ending up as one. The disappointment and frustration that you can’t count on that other one anymore can be too much on a morning when everything else seems to be going wrong. You sigh wistfully and think about the first time you saw them together, so perfect for you. And now, when you need them together the most… the mate to your sock is gone!

Dryer lint trap? Nope, not there. Under the bed? Not there either. In the bottom of the laundry hamper? No dice!

This weekend, just like I do every year, is our family’s last weekend with our current sock basket. All of the laundry will be washed. All of the socks will be mated that can be mated. Everything else goes away. Unlike years past, though, I am trying to figure out what to do to recycle those sad and lonely mate-less socks.

I’ve pondered filling them with lint (or other socks?) and making those little tubey things that you put against the bottom of the door to keep air from coming in (I know they have a name, but too lazy to search it now). Maybe I can take the fluffy ones and stitch them together for a quilt and donate it to a homeless shelter? I’m sure folks who are more crafty than me would consider turning them into Sock Monkeys or doll clothes. Personally, I don’t want more toy junk for the children. They have plenty.

So, what do you do when your sock loses its mate? Do you wait until you have a bunch and throw them away? Recycle them in some way?


  • Frugal Wench says:

    It all comes down to what’s left behind, doesn’t it? My husband died 23 years ago, and I still haven’t found my matching sock. You will not be single forever, like me, though. I made a choice to do so, and made it clear to whoever I was with that I was not up for marriage. Now, however; I’m rethinking things. At my age, I need that matching sock to keep my feet warm on cold nights. I’ll find mine, and so will you.

    • Momma says:

      BIG HUGS to you! You’ll find the foot warmer of your dreams, I’m sure of it. Luckily, I did find mine not too many years ago. After a few false starts, I think I finally got it right. If he keeps putting up with me, which he may not do if I don’t get him some socks that match soon!

  • Heather says:

    Old socks filled with rice and tied off at the end make excellent “heating pads”. They’re great for sore necks, shoulders, knees and ankles, or any other place where heat helps. I’ve used them regularly for sinus infections, too.

    They can also be filled with dried herbs and used to scent drawers or cabinets.

  • Abby says:

    Ha, I love the post about the socks! It’s cliche — and yet so true!

    My solution is rather simple for my own socks: I have all white socks so when necessary, I just pair up two mismatching ones. But I’m so cynical about the whole thing I just dump all socks in together and let them comingle. (What WOULD the neighbors think?)

    But if your socks aren’t the same color… I like the draft-blocker idea (also too lazy to look up the real name) and the foot warmer. You can fill socks up with rice and microwave it for a self-made heating pad (which uses less electricity to boot).

    Depending on the ages of kids, there’s always the perennial fave: Sock puppets. Or if you have girls who have larger (18″) dolls, you have perfect stockings for them.

    And of course, one of the best uses for any old clothing item you aren’t going to wear: rag pile. Great for cleaning and more environmentally friendly than paper towels or even sponges.

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