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I love watching movies with my friend Alicia. We’re two peas in a pod, when it comes to our movie watching style. We sit quietly and we WATCH THE MOVIE. We may sip our drinks and eat some popcorn, but we’re not chatting or texting. We’re watching the movie.

If my husband, Mark, or our children are watching the movie, it’s an entirely different atmosphere. The movie watching goes like this:

Everyone sits down to watch the movie.  Someone pushes play.  The movie begins.

  • Mark ..or random child…: What’d he do that for?
  • Alicia: Watch the movie, Nancy

<time passes>

  • Mark .. or random child…: OMG.. Did you see that?  That’s so sad.. happy.. awesome.. horrible…
  • Alicia: Watch the movie, Nancy

<time passes>

  • Mark .. or random child…: This reminds me of when x does y in that other movie!  See?
  • Alicia: Watch the movie, Nancy

<time passes>

  • Mark (never a child): Holy cow, did you see who that is?  Man, he’s in EVERYTHING!  Remember how great he was in XYZ?  We really need to see that again.
  • Alicia: Watch the movie, Nancy

Are you wondering yet, what the hell this has to do with anything at all?  Simple.  Everything!

SHINY - Image by Paulmmay

SHINY – Image by Paulmmay

For the last 6 months, I’ve been learning and reading more about finance … and gardening … and sewing … and childrearing … and and and.  Every single time I put my fingers to the keyboard to begin an article for this website, my brain starts to wander off on little side trails.  If I start to write about frugal ways to make your compost bin/pile work better, I head on over to Amazon.com or DIY sites and pull up directions for building a new compost bin… then see the link for building a greenhouse… then see the link for sustainable living sites .. and by the time I remember that I was supposed to be researching an entry on a specific topic, I’ve lost the entire 2 hours I budgeted for the article and nothing has been accomplished.

Even more importantly, it happens when I sit down to start my couponing, and my grocery list, and my weekly menus.  Suddenly, I find that I’ve backslid into picking up food from restaurants that I wasn’t planning for, and doing the weekly shopping with a “mental” shopping list without coupons, and forgetting to prepare for the night’s dinner before I leave for work in the morning.

Being distracted so easily (SQUIRREL!!!) is costing me time, money, sleep, energy, and peace of mind.  So, I’m putting post-it notes all over my office and the house that say “Watch the movie, Ida” … and see if that works any better for my brain than it does for the rest of my family. Wish me luck 🙂

What is distraction costing you? Care to share in the comments?

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  • Alicia says:

    Bahaha! My mom will be thrilled (or something) to know she has become the inspiration for this blog post. I, too, however am having the same attention problems and it’s happening at a time when I really don’t have time for it to be happening. I think that as we age, we’ll see new medical situations relating to information overload. I’m suffering from it already.

    Let me know how the post-it notes work. I could sure use a fix for …SQUIRREL!!!
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..Pretty Purple Pendant =-.

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