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This weekend was a challenge for our family. Actually, every other weekend really is. It’s very hard not to spend like crazy to make the weekends nice and fun when we only get to see Geoff four days a month.

Mark and I kicked around the idea of going ahead and getting the Six Flags season passes. For our family of 6, the cost would run about $453.00. We decided that we’re going to go on Mother’s Day instead. Why does it make a difference? Mother’s Day is a “Bring a friend for free” day. We’ll purchase 3 season passes, use 3 of the free tickets, and then purchase the season passes for the other 3 on our way out, at half price. The end result: $338.00 (a savings of $115.00).

Mark loaded up the children and took them all to the bike trail for the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day, I couldn’t imagine spending it indoors, but I’m not so much with the bike riding. So, I kissed my family and waved as they drove away. AAAH blissful silence.

I took the opportunity to check in on my square foot gardens, and was happy to see that the lettuce is springing up quickly. The green onions are starting to peek through. My tomatoes and peppers are getting stronger every day. I’m still waiting to see some sort of progress with the eggplants though. In the house, the Garlic Chives are making quick progress, as is the Sweet Basil. YAY it’s spring!!!

I planted some more seeds, too. This time around, it was Thyme, Parsley, Sugar Snap Peas, Sun Flowers, and some wildflowers. I’m trying to develop my green thumb. Last year, the birds and rabbits ate everything but the tomatoes.

After the gardening was completed, I re-organized our front porch. We have a large L shaped porch and it seems to be the dumping ground for EVERYTHING! I set up the folding table and created a gardening zone at the far end. It’s a very cozy setup, and it gets the most sunlight, for my new seedlings.

Halfway between the Gardening Zone and the corner, I set up Mark’s tools. We’ve had a clothes hanging rack on the porch forever and, in a stroke of sheer brilliance (haha), I positioned it above the big tool box, and hung the paint rollers and the wound up extension cords from it.

In the corner, I created a library! I’m proudest of this! We have 6 large boxes of books that we have no space for in the house. They’ve been setting on the large industrial sized shelves for a year now. So, I cleaned off the rest of the junk from the shelves, turned the boxes on their sides and facing front, and arranged the boxes into “bookshelves”. I set a couple of the large comfy mushroom chairs on either side of the shelves, to make the library more likely to get some use.

All of the books in the “library” are listed on Half.com and will be packaged and mailed as they are sold. Until then, they are available for the family to read as they prefer.

Once the porch was de-cluttered and organized, I started tackling other projects, but those are for another day. Today, I’m just happy that I’ll be able to go home and not feel like Jeff Foxworthy is making jokes about my porch!

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