Word of Mouth is only as good as the mouth it’s coming out of

Posted by idawrites on January 4, 2010 in Business, Rant, Reviews |

Dear Dave Ramsey,

The endorsements that come out of your mouth are bullshit at its finest.  Which is a shame, because your real message is amazing and changes lives.  I believe in your financial advice… and until I found out how WRONG I was, I believed in your famous Endorsed Local Providers.

After hearing you talk about how your Endorsed Local Providers are the cream of the crop who “have the heart of a teacher”, I decided to take your advice and get my taxes processed by someone on that list.  Your financial advice may have never steered me wrong, but so far the other companies you endorse are shit.

After spending almost 2 months repeatedly answering questions, following their suggestions, and trying desperately to get them to return a telephone call or answer an email in a timely manner… we finally got our taxes for last year filed… only to find out months later that they didn’t do the whole job.  So we had to file an amendment and flurry of other paperwork to get things sorted out.

Last month, the IRS told us that none of the numbers on our personal return matched the numbers on our business return and now we have to file ANOTHER amendment.

Oh yeah… and we’re going to get audited.

OH YEAH… and the IRS rejected our otherwise qualifying Offer in Compromise, costing us SIXTY THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS.

OH YEAH AND… now these amazing Endorsed Local Providers refuse to return phone calls, return emails, or schedule an appointment so that we can file yet another amendment to fix their continued screw ups.  YIPPEE!

I should have learned my lesson, but no.  I thought that, since this wasn’t the first time we had been unable to find a reliable tax accountant over the last 5 years, this was just the way tax firms worked in the 2000s.  Completely lazy, unresponsive, and incompetent.

Holy Cow was I wrong!  Last week, I took my car to one of the shops you advertise in my area about 10 times every single episode.  Good mechanics that don’t screw you out of hundreds of dollars a pop are getting harder to find, so I took another shot with someone that you recommended.

After two full business days (not including the holiday weekend), we still didn’t get a call from the garage with the ESTIMATE.  So, my hubby called today and guess what… oh, I’ll bet you know… they haven’t even looked at it.  Amazingly enough, not even an hour after he called, we got the estimate.

They say we’ll get a call today when the repairs are finished.  Maybe.  Given the track record, I’m not holding my breath.

Lesson learned.. Rest assured that this bitch won’t be using your endorsed insurance, investment, or real estate providers.


Bitchy Momma

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