You think the Sock Monster is bad? He’s got nothing on this guy…

Posted by idawrites on January 7, 2010 in Rant |

12… twelve… TWELVE!  That is the number of travel mug lids in my kitchen cabinet.  No mugs.  Just lids.  I am not kidding!

I have no idea where they go, or how they’re getting there.  Obviously there are multiple meanings to the term “travel mug”.  I never dreamed it meant they’d be traveling alone… and leaving their handy dandy partners (the lids) behind!

They aren’t in my van (ok, one was, but it had the lid on it…).  They aren’t on the porch.  None in my husband’s car.  None in the kids rooms.  The dogs are NOT happy that I keep looking under the beds and finding their stashes of things (mismatched socks….. hmmmm) and shuffling things around.  Still no travel mugs.  I’m almost certain they have been devoured by the long lost (and obviously more vicious) cousin of the Sock Monster.  I think we have a Travel Mug Monster.

To all you bigtime travel mug maker companies out there… please put one of those baby glove attachment strings between the cup and the lid.  That would be so very helpful.  Maybe then I would have a cabinet full of half washed mugs to bitch about instead of just those sad, lonely, pitiful looking lids who are pining for their missing mug companions.  If we could save just one travel mug from this evil and malicious monster, for under $.12 a day… oh wait… wrong plea…  If we could save just one travel mug from this evil and malicious monster by attaching a teeny tiny connector, life would be so much more pleasant for the people who have to be on the road with me in the mornings.

OH and while we’re on the subject… if you could all just pick one darned size of lid and stick with it, that’d be great.  Have you ever spent 20 minutes fishing through (TWELVE) lids to find the one that actually fits your mug so that you can go to work?  It’s annoying as hell.

So, in conclusion:

  • Attach the lids to the mugs so they don’t get traumatized by the separation (and then give me one for my birthday)
  • Make the lids uniform size
  • Get a doggie gate for the laundry room so the “sock monsters” go away.

That is all.

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